Monday, 12 April 2010

OXM Reviews Lost Planet 2, Gives It 8/10

The Official Xbox Magazine has reviewed upcoming Capcom title Lost Planet 2 and branded it a must buy title in their latest issue. Some of the comments they made in their recent review include:
"The AI is competent enough, but the game is more forgiving and much funnier with others around."

"There's almost always a massive scramble to be the first person to climb into one of the redesigned V-Suits."

"Your character still has problems moving around fluidly. Jumping over small environmental objects is really slow and cumbersome, leaving you vulnerable to attack."
Anyone who got to play the demo will testify that playing this with friends against some of the huge creatures you’ll come up against will be epic to say the least. Be sure to pick up the game when it released next month.

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