Friday, 16 April 2010

New X-COM Title Will Be A First Person Shooter

2K Games has announced that 2K Marin will be in charge of rebooting the classic X-COM series in an FPS. The game has been rumoured for a long time all since 2K bought the license to Atari, it had also been said that the development could have been given to Irrational Games after Ken Levin expressed his admiration to the classic UFO Defence.

For many years X-COM lovers have been cut off with crappy remakes and re-imaginings, being X-COM 3: Apocalypse the last great X-COM, though many still consider the first as the best of the series and an all time classic. The best re-imagining of the series has come from a group of fans that created the freeware game UFO: Alien Invasion (if you love the classic UFO game this will satisfy your craving).

The game has been announced for PC and Xbox 360, no PS3 confirmed or denied for now.

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