Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Capcom Europe Boss Wants More Of The Market

The new Capcom Europe COO David Reeves has said recently that he wants to double the companies market share over the next four to five years:
“Our market share is currently about two per cent now and we at least want to double that over the next four to five years. But we have to keep pace in digital where Capcom probably doesn’t even have a two per cent market share. That’s where the emphasis will have to be."

“Capcom hasn’t been reluctant to go digital, but it hasn’t really embraced the model where you release a game and keep it going every three months with DLC. We need to get into that and market the great IPs that we have digitally as well as we do on disc."

“That’s where we’re heading for.”
Now I know the gentleman means well but aren’t Capcom already supporting their best franchises with lots of DLC? (and sometimes short changing the customer in the process?) Somebody at Capcom Europe needs to brief their new boss quickly as surely you don’t want to be giving conflicting information from the off. Anyway, it should be interesting what Reeves’ leadership will bring for Capcom Europe in the next few years.

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