Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Natal Is Challenging Because It's So Different

Microsoft Games Studios Europe creative director Peter Molyneux has commented on developing for Microsoft's motion control system, saying it's quite hard due to it being so different to the norm:
“For me, Natal is challenging because it’s so different."

“It’s very, very different to any input other mechanism the world has even seen before because there isn’t any buttons and that’s both its strength and its big challenge. So when you’ve got a game like Fable, there is an enormous number of things we can do with Natal.”

”But what I didn’t want, I wanted for you to feel like you were part of the world. I didn’t want you to go off and play some mini-game totally outside the world of Fable."

“I wanted you to feel like Natal was integrated into the world, if you like. It enhances the world, if you like. It’s going to be integrated in so it has a purpose, and it gives you something, and there’s a reason to do it.”
Classic Molyneux.

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