Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mothers Against Violence Blame VideoGa... Themselves??

BBC Radio Leeds held a debate about the age rating in videogames and invited representatives of Mothers Against Violence and some videogame journalists. The debate started with the MAV declaration of intentions to “eradicate violence and relieve the effects of it in the community.”

The debate turned into a huge surprise when the MAV representatives made the following statements:
"I'm not directly blaming games, I'm blaming parents. If someone doesn't do something where does it stop?"

“Parents should be taking the time to study what games are all about."
Quite a surprise for most, showing that common sense still is about and not all this “burn them all!” attitude. Fact is that most parents don't check the game they buy for the kids, mainly because of the presumption that all games are for kids... then comes the whining about the “violent game that developers created”. This is a turning point, a point were it seems that consensus can be found and where all parts are willing to take their part of the blame.

Rockstar themselves sent an official statement to the BBC over this debate saying that they “submit every game to the appropriate ratings body" and emphasized on the fact that the Grand Theft Auto series is "18-rated and is entertainment clearly aimed at an adult audience".

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