Friday, 16 April 2010

Modern Warfare 2 DLC Was Priced Too Low

So reports an analyst to IGN. Many Modern Warfare 2 gamers were quite perturbed by the price Activision were asking for for their Stimulus package which cost $15 on the PS3 and 1,200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. However, Jesse Divinich, an analyst for EEDAR, says that it should have cost more. Say what?
"The accepted commercial success benchmark for DLC for a console game is 20% of the install base. The Stimulus map pack was able to reach that benchmark in just a week, and should reach 30 - 35%) through its lifetime."

"It is evident that 2.5 million Xbox Live players felt that $15 was either just right or a good bargain and given the enormous quantity sold (2.5 million), I'd argue that Activision could have charged more and still obtain the same results."
We’re not seeing the justification as to how it could be considered a bargain. Players bought the content because they wanted it and had the money; ‘bargain’ doesn’t come into it. A bargain is the map pack DLC for Bad Company 2, that shit's free!

We’re quite confident no one will agree with his statement except for Bobby Kotick and the little mercenary devils at Activision though Divinich’s counter argument to that is:
"Of course the rate hike from $10 to $15 was met with many complaints from consumers, but the commercial success makes it evident that gamers felt the price tag was a good deal."
So erm… it’s your fault that downloadable content was priced so high, mk?

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