Monday, 19 April 2010

Microsoft To Investigate Poor Conditions In Chinese Factory

Microsoft is responding to allegations that one of its factories in Dongguan, China, is subjecting its workers to harsh working conditions such as 15 hour work days, military style punishments and dirty sleeping areas.

The factory makes keyboards and mice? for Microsoft as well as Xbox 360 controllers. The National Labour Committee is the group who has claimed unethical practice in the work place.

Brian Tobey of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices unit said:
"We have a team of independent auditors en route to the facility to conduct a complete and thorough investigation."

"If we find that the factory is not adhering to our standards, we will take appropriate action."
Would that appropriate action be the firing of the guy who let the reporter in perhaps? If Microsoft really cared for the welfare of workers it would make sure it sourced ethical production in the first place, not act surprised when a damning report claims exploitation of workers in a Chinese factory. But I digress; this is just a games website…

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