Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mass Effect Will Arrive On PS3 Eventually Says Pachter

In his latest show on GTTV, industry analyst Michael Pachter has said PS3 users will see the Mass Effect series arrive on their console eventually:
"Mass Effect, the first one, was made by BioWare when they were part of Elevation Partners. I’m not sure that they actual retained the right to ever bring it out on the PS3. I have heard from Microsoft and I’ve actually heard from EA that we probably won’t see Mass Effect 1 ever on the PS3; I’m not sure that’s true of Mass Effect 2, and I’m certain it’s not true of Mass Effect 3, 4, 5 and 6."

"So, I think you’ll see a Mass Effect game, an extension of the franchise, on the PS3. Number 1? They might have given away those rights in perpetuity. so that’s all negotiable when a publisher’s involved. When it’s an independent developer, you never really know. Alan Wake, for example, I think is a perpetual Xbox 360 exclusive. I don’t think that will ever be on the PS3."
Always a way to earn to extra cash once its lived out its cycle on one console.

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