Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mafia II Makes GTA IV Look Out Dated

Scheduled to arrive in August, a recent preview for Mafia II by Xbox World 360 magazine has said the game makes Grand Theft Auto IV look dated. No, really, here's a snippet:
“We were blown away by both the visual fidelity and intricacy of the level design. As Vito, Steve, Joey and troops poured forward to bout the Brylcreemed baddies, GTA IV seemed very dated indeed.

“Individual letters were blown from the sign; windows shattered in astonishing detail, splinters of wood were torn from the building’s frame – before a trunkful of Molotovs sent fireballs of flame snarling out from the fiery husk.”
We've got good reason to expect a lot from this title, so lets hope it delivers.

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