Wednesday, 7 April 2010

MadWorld On Wii Was A Mismatch Say Sega

MadWorld MadWorld MadWorld

Head of Sega in the west Mike Hayes has commented on the poorly selling MadWorld on Wii describing it as a mismatch:
“Critically it got a lot of acclaim, but commercially it wasn’t the success we wanted it to be. Clearly that was a mismatch with the Wii audience – particularly in terms of the amount of cross-ownership between Wii and the other home platforms.”

“We were brave in that area – but the reality is, Platinum Games is such a cutting-edge developer they need the PS3 or 360 to realise what they actually want to do. You saw that with Bayonetta – it was a very high-quality standard. Vanquish will push the envelope even further."

"Platinum are definitely more at home on those platforms. But we were thrilled when they tried to do a mature thing on Nintendo.”

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