Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Infinity Ward Loses Two More Heads

Multiplayer designer Todd Alderman and software engineer Francesco Gigliotti have left Infinity Ward according to their LinkedIn profiles. Their decision could be somewhat motivated by Activision's move to fire abruptly the lead designers and owners of the Call of Duty franchise Zampella and West soon after Modern Warfare 2 was out. They on behalf sued Activision requesting the Call of Duty name and $36 million, and it can be presumed that this is affecting the whole studio.

Alderman and Gigliotti joined Infinity Ward in 2000 and have very much gone through the whole series. Now the question would be how this may affect future iterations of the game (if Activision keeps the Call of Duty rights); Alderman has been in charge of the multiplayer in the two Modern Warfare titles after all.

Activision might have really screwed up this time...

Source: GameSpot

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