Tuesday, 13 April 2010

HMV Teams Up For This Year's Eurogamer Expo

HMV has signed on as the retail partner for Eurogamer’s Expo this year. The managing director of Eurogamer, Rupert Lomax, had this to say of the matter:
"The last two years have been a sell-out smash. With plans for 2010 well underway and talks of 2011 set to begin, we're thrilled to be entering a longer-term partnership with HMV."

"The Eurogamer formula of giving gamers what they want is a winner for consumers and the industry alike - it's about playing great games in a great venue at a great price."
Last year’s event in Leeds was pretty good but I had heard the London venue was larger. Shame they won’t repeat the 2-venues approach this year but if you can make it down to London between October 1st-3rd when the event is held then be sure to make a show.

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