Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Halo MMO ‘Would Have Challenged Warcraft’

Although cancelled, the Halo MMO "was absolutely going to compete with WoW" says Dusty Monk, an ex-Ensemble employee, now Windstorm president.

Monk was working on the MMO 'Titan' (a codename) between 2004 and 2007 and has now revealed details about the project:
"We were using a heroic stylised art form. This heroic stylised artform is exactly the artform that you see being used in Star Wars: The Old Republic right now. It's timeless. It doesn't age itself like a game that's built with a strictly realistic artform does."

"We had this idea of quests where you could participate and pull them together without having to be on the same team. This would be a public quest that everyone in a particular area could work on. That idea went into Warhammer Online."
Monk added that he was quite sure of the projects potential:
"We had all this incredible talent, we had the right people, the right passion, we had a phenomenally successful IP - the Halo IP. But it was a change within Microsoft that lead to the potential World of Warcraft challenger."

"They were looking really hard at the Nintendo Wii and they were really excited by the numbers that the Wii was turning. So part of this changing of the guard at Microsoft came along with the changing of the attitude to this very expensive, very long and very protracted $90 million USD project we were working on. To cut a long story short, Titan was closed down."
Well, it’s pretty easy to boast now I suppose. Shame it never saw the light of day anyway.

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