Thursday, 22 April 2010

GAME Reveals 2 Million Pound Online Venture

UK games retailer has revealed that it will be working on a retail web portal or 'websphere' as they're calling it which will tie all their stores and services together making it a single entity if you will. The company will be rolling the service out over the next two years and gamers will soon be able to buy games as digital copies. In an interview with MCV, interim CEO Christopher Bell said:
“Over the longer term, we expect to see increasing diversity in the way people play and interact – more use of digital downloading to enhance disc based games, games downloaded in their entirety, greater access to casual (free-to-play) games, and more people playing mobile games”

“We strongly believe that stores will continue to have a very significant role”
Well, obviously not significant given the amount you’ve closed over the months… Bell however has assured that its physical side is every bit as vital as the digital:
"We strongly believe that stores will continue to have a very significant role in PC and video games retailing. Over the short to medium term, we believe that the PC and video games market will continue to be dominated by boxed product."
It was recently revealed that GAME would be closing over 100 stores by the end of 2013. also reported that CEO Lisa Morgan and COO Terry Scicluna had resigned.

GAME has also been working on a new social networking site called Gamesnation. Bell explains:
“We are building on this position by creating a social networking site, Gamesnation, which is currently in beta testing with thousands of members to increase brand awareness further and to appeal to a wider target audience.”

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