Wednesday, 14 April 2010

GAME Adds Warnings To Preowned Purchases Regarding DLC

GAME has stuck warning labels on its preowned titles to alert customers to the likelihood that they won’t receive the same downloadable content bonus that purchasers of new copies will receive.

The move follows news from the states that a GameStop customer sued the retailer after they discovered the DLC advertised on his copy was not included with the pre-owned copy. A GAME spokesperson commented:
"We have been developing a policy for notifying customers at the point of purchase which was implemented last week in-store."

"Pre-owned copies of applicable titles have stickers on them saying 'check with staff for availability of downloadable content', giving staff the chance to explain clearly the difference so that our customers understand the benefits of buying both pre-owned and mint."
So this DLC restriction will make it easier for publishers to charge higher prices for their titles then, great.

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