Thursday, 1 April 2010

Feel Your Game

This isn’t a mantra for games developers when attempting to create an immersive game, the ability to actually feel your game is now a reality.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have taken immersion beyond incredible graphics, high definition and even the 3D element and created a vest which mimics the sensations felt by your character in game.

Tactile Gaming Vest is built with finely tuned motors which will emulate sensations experienced by your character (were sure not to the extent of actually feeling like you’ve been shot). The developers have plans which span beyond video game immersion however.

Saurabh Palan, a grad student who is working on the tech, told technology website that the vest could be integrated with military training and sold to movie theatres as well as sold as a package with a game.
"You could feel like you're in the role. So every time Bruce Willis gets shot, you feel it."
A slightly outdated reference perhaps but very curious none the less.

Source: TorontoSun

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