Wednesday, 7 April 2010

EA Releases Tiger Woods PGA Online

EA has officially released the online version of Tiger Woods PGA which will be based on a microtransaction game of the sorts of Battlefield: Heroes, that is, the game is on most of its part free to play, but there is some content you will only be able to access to with a subscription. There will also be a Pro shop to spend real money in.

You can check it out in EA Sports boss Peter Moore commented:
"Consumers have an increasing appetite for authentic gaming experiences online and EA SPORTS is driving innovation and growth in the online gaming category, from consoles to mobile devices and the web. The launch of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online signals a shift in the traditional distribution model and will change the way that people will be able to access and enjoy their favourite video games for years to come."
The only requisites are to have the Unity Web Player, be over 13 years old, make a registration and you will be ready to tee off.

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