Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dropping Original Xbox Live Means Better Things For Xbox 360

Microsoft product director Aaron Greenberg has claimed that with ending support for the original Xbox live it can bring "more features" to the Xbox 360's service. Adding that Microsoft is "definitely aware" of requests for longer friends lists.

Greenberg said that following the termination of service, there will now be more "flexibility" for making additions to the Xbox 360 online interface. Following other reports that could include a new TV show:
"A lot of our partners talked to us about cutting off Xbox Live support, you know, a long time ago, and it was really something that we didn't take lightly."

"We're at that point now where that community has largely transitioned off and onto the Xbox 360, and now, by discontinuing that support, we're able to add more features without necessarily having to support things like that friends list integration where you could see your friends on Xbox1 or Xbox 360. Having that new flexibility will allow us to bring more features to the Xbox Live Community on Xbox 360."
When asked about the extended friends list he responded:
"We have heard from folks that they want to be able to extend the Friends List. It's something we are looking at. We haven't announced anything but it is definitely something that we're aware of."

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