Tuesday, 13 April 2010

DirectX Creator Doubts OnLive's Possibilities

One of the creators of DirectX and founder of WildTangent, Alex St John, splashed some comments on OnLive's future performance in the market. The main point made is that he believes OnLive to be doomed already because it has based it's market research on wrong assumptions:
"The hard to accept reality is that traditional games designed for retail distribution are simply dead in an online world and frankly the publishers of these games will ultimately die with them because they can't afford to adapt. Streaming the same content 'on-demand' won't save them."
He also talked about the future of video games, making a key point on how much the business is changing and the possibility of new companies to step in and to “create the next-generation EAs and Take-Twos:
"What's exciting to me about this year is that this is the first time in many years that the game industry's future has been so wide open that it's difficult to predict."
Though it feels a bit early to be making assumptions, OnLive has been full of doubts since its announcement. This summer we will finally know.

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