Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dead Space 2 Will Scare You Dead Says Executive

An executive from Visceral Games (the developer behind the original Dead Space), Steve Papoustis recently commented on their upcoming game with G4. He commented:
"[The first game] was 100 per cent white-knuckle tension and we did a lot of research after the fact and people were coming back and saying 'I never even listened to the logs sometimes because I was so scared of something jumping me out of a dark corner.'"

"We don't want people to be sacrificing their understanding of the story and their enjoyment of the environment because they're always so scared."

"To [fellow Visceral man] Steve's point, yeah, we are still gonna be a horror game, yes, we are still Dead Space, we're gonna scare the pants off you as many times as we can, but Isaac's been through this before, so he's a little bit more capable this time around, he's going to have some times where he can actually have an epic moment and it is like a roller-coaster ride. You're going to have those peaks and valleys with both the action and with both the scares and they're not mutually exclusive."

"You can have a high-octane moment that's also very, very scary. We're looking at a lot of different, sophisticated ways to bring both the action, the terror, and the horror together."
I for one am glad that Visceral are not making Isaac have amnesia about the situations he went through in the first game. I’m sure they can up the anti even though our playable space engineer will be a bit more battle worn this time around.

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