Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dead Space 2 Announcement Imminent?

Visceral Studios has teased with a psychiatric report a possible announcement on April 29th 2010, tomorrow. Visceral has sent documents to the press of patient 1544C and his psychological profile (our own Isaac Clarke) that reads:
Notes on Patient 1544C, Session #18.

1544C condition shows scant improvement from previous assessment.


DELUSIONS: Subject vacillates between mourning the deceased, believing she is in need of assistance +/or has assimilated + is one with the universe, calling for his hand.

PARANOIA: Subject experiences frequent outbursts. Has attacked staff + other patients.

PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS: Insomnia, Dyskinesia, Frantic sketching and etching of symbols identified as related to Unitology.

FOR REFERENCE: [two lines of Unitology symbols, which translate to "The sickness is the cure! The cure is the sickness!"]

Additional obsessive compulsive behavior documented by staff includes the repetition of the following phrases:
-Fractal heuristic replicating crystal
-The nightmare is over but it will not end
-Bismuth zirconate titanate
-Twinkle twinkle little star
-Sympathetic alpha wave attenuation

Prospects for recovery still unknown.
The numbers 4,2,9,10 (4/29/10) are included in a Unitology script that fans have translated as the following:
"It was just a shard. It was red with symbols. It put things in my head. Symbols that spoke to me. Behind my eyes I feel her screaming. Symbols that spoke to me. Symbols that (lied) to me. It was just a shard. The sickness is the cure! The cure is the sickness!"
Interesting info, though as for now it's not very clear. Will we be getting a release date?

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