Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dead Rising Was Too Japanese

Capcom has recently commented that they felt the original Dead Rising game was ‘too Japanese’. Producer at Capcom Shinsaku Ohara commented:

"The first Dead Rising was built in a very Japanese style. We had some help from America, but basically it was all done in a Japan. We wanted to do it better for a Western audience this time.
"That's why we're working with Blue Castle now. They know what they like - and it's good to have them come up with ideas and it becomes a back and forth thing.

"Together, we've come up with crazier ideas than we did in the first game. What we didn't quite manage in Dead Rising 1 was that it still felt too Japanese. We're much closer to feeling like a Western game with this title."
I don’t know about that. Dead Rising was immensely fun and apart from a couple of game hiccups the presentation and the game in general really caught the feeling of Dawn of the Dead pretty well (even though the UK box says it has nothing to do with the aforementioned George A. Romero film what so ever (yeah right)). Plus it made female homeland security agents look like Elisha Cuthbert with porn star chests so maybe in that respect it was Japanese, but still.

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