Tuesday, 20 April 2010

D3 Will Publish Japanese Titles In The US

D3 publisher, recently purchased by Namco Bandai, will publish Japanese games in the US. After some time of inactivity and planning, Namco Bandai has finally made its move to allow D3 to publish Japanese games. Associate Producer Joe fletcher commented:
“The opportunity is definitely there with Namco. They’ve come to us quite a few times and said, ‘Hey our bandwidth is a little bit tight right now. We want to get this game out. Are you guys interested in like, you know, working on it?’ Like God Eater, which we announced. That’s exactly the kind of opportunity. It’s not something they [ Bandai Namco ] said ‘You know, we're not going to bring it out over here.’ It was more, ‘Hey, here’s an opportunity for you guys. We’re kind of tapped on our QA, so if you guys want to do it here you go”.
If all goes well, we will get the fruits of this deal soon.

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