Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Crysis 2 Writer Has A Dig at Modern Warfare 2’s Story

Richard Morgan, the dude behind Crysis 2's script has laid into Infinity Ward and Activision by saying that Modern Warfare 2's had a rather nonsensical storyline and generally sucky plot:
"I thought Modern Warfare 2 was an immense disappointment."
Morgan said referring to plot and gameplay.
"[The storyline] made no sense. It was totally implausible. It doesn't resolve. Basically, all the things that bad storytelling does. I just think they were way too impressed with themselves and that's always a danger. It's just unfortunate."

"What I thought when I played it was, 'Jesus guys, what have you been doing? You've not ramped anything up. The story is worse and the game doesn't really hang together, it's just a bunch of mission levels.'"
Morgan was very critical of the budget that Modern Warfare 2 had in regards to the comparative lack of revision of the first game, i.e. disappointed at how little was fixed or made better since the first one. He praised Uncharted 2 in that sense which worked with a smaller budget but worked on fixing the problems of the first game.

This sentiment isn’t shared by everyone obviously as Modern Warfare 2 won a good deal of awards, including a Writer's Guild of America nomination for its storyline.

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