Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crackdown 2 Developer Doesn't Favour 'Easy' Games

Bah, creative director on Crackdown 2, Billy Thompson has expressed his distaste at games that are too easy these days:
"I have to say I do worry that we're starting to make games that are potentially too easy to complete. I still look fondly back on the days of the early Spectrum games that were sometimes insanely difficult to complete. I know we can never make games that have that level of difficulty anymore."
Thing is, games in the olden days had no save points, were very linear and in my opinion, needlessly infuriating to make it last. Games shouldn't be 'hard' they should be big, grand and long to give the gamer an enjoyable, lasting experience. Having to redo the same level/area/boss over and over to progress gets real boring, real fast.

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