Monday, 12 April 2010

Charles Cecil Will Work On Dr. Who Game

Sumo Digital (Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing) will be doing a series of 4 episodic free games of the BBC TV show Dr. Who and will count on the aid of renown adventure game designer Charles Cecil which founded and led for many years, Revolution Software and was in charge of classics such as Beneath a Steel Sky and the Broken Sword games. Simon Nelson, head of BBC Multiplatform in Vision, commented:
"A few years ago we couldn't have dreamt of commissioning such an innovative form of drama. By integrating the creation of these 'interactive episodes' with the development of the TV series, we've been able to create amazing two-hour dramas in which you control the action.”
This is one of the first projects marking the return of the BBC as a games producer. It isn't at all clear what Cecil's role would be, but it probably will be on an advisor level like the last projects he has taken part of. Will we see Cecil as Lead Designer any time soon.

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