Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cage Doesn't Believe Microsoft On Project Natal

Boss of games developer Quantic Dream and director of Heavy Rain, David Cage has recently expressed his dismay towards Microsoft regarding their press event for Natal at E3 last year.

He said that one section of their promotional video at the show last year was something he believed could not be achieved with their upcoming device. He is, however, still looking forward to the device’s release:
"I've seen Natal, and I'm really curious to see what they're going to do with it. I was a bit frustrated that they presented it with a sci-fi type presentation [at E3]."

…When the kid comes in with the skateboard and the laser ray, scanning the skateboard, and then it's in the game... We are in the industry, we know what's feasible and what's not."

"I thought it was a little bit lying to present it that way, because it will let [consumers] think that they will something that they are not really close to getting."
Raising consumers’ expectations is nothing new in the world of entertainment and we, as well as Mr Cage, will see how faithful or not Microsoft can remain to their presentation when the device is released later this year.

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