Monday, 19 April 2010

Bungie Cooking Something Big For E3

Halo Reach creative director Marcus Lehto has been dropping some hints in regards to "big E3 plans" on the official Halo Reach Blog. Making no effort to contain his excitement, he wrote:
"This week, we solved some big E3 plans that have been cooking for a while now. It wasn't easy at all. I had some different ideas as to what I wanted to show, but our marketing folks did a great job of pulling me up off the ground - far enough away from the project that I could see what they thought would be the best thing for us to present. Damn, I can't wait for you all to tune in for what we have to show."

"I just got done playing one of our final Beta take-home tests. The test team does an amazing job of burning through build after build of the game, finding all the tough to find bugs and whacking us over the heads until we fix them all. Then, they coordinate these massive tests on custom dev kits for us to take home and play during the night hours. Holy Crap, tonight was fun. Many uncontrolled outbursts of hilarity amongst our team."

"So, the weather tomorrow is looking good enough that I think I'll break out the chopper from the garage for my ride into work. Looking forward to that!"

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