Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Brain Training Games Don’t Improve Brain Power

The BBC launched a pretty large study on the brain training games and the idea that they help improve your cognitive ability.

The study followed 11,430 people over the course of 6 weeks. However, the study concluded that the abilities learned or honed in the brain training games were not transferable to other tasks and participants appeared no better equipped to deal with tasks than other non brain training gamers.

Nintendo said that their Dr Kawashima brain training games did not claim to be scientifically proven to improve a person’s cognitive ability. In a statement they said:
“[The games allow the user to perform] fun challenges incorporating simple arithmetic, memorization and reading".

"In this way it is like a workout for the brain and the challenges in the game can help stimulate the player's brain."
You can check out the overview of the study here. So much for feeling good about yourself when playing computer games then.

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