Monday, 12 April 2010

Author Of Byron Report Happy At New Digital Bill

The author of the Byron Report, Tanya Byron, has commented that she is happy at the recent passing of the Digital Economy Bill in parliament. She had this to say on the matter:
"I am delighted to hear that the Digital Economy Bill received Royal Assent. Its content is vital for the safety of children when playing videogames both on and off line."

"In my review I offered the games industry, via a consultation, the chance to prove that the PEGI is the most effective system in providing protection to children online and offline from adult related content."

"I was delighted with how they responded, updating the PEGI system to meet the challenges of today and importantly, tomorrow."
If you happened to read her original report it was very supportive of games and their affixed age ratings in general. Again a good sign of positive and reasonable coverage of games. Like books and rock ‘n’ roll, society will soon learn to cope with the biggest and newest pastime that we have enjoyed for years. Catch up!

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