Thursday, 8 April 2010

Australian Journalist Fired Over Rockstar Email

According to, Toby McCasker who until recently was the deputy entertainment editor for Australian lads mag Zoo Weekly has lost his position after making public an email from Rockstar which was arguably pushing for favourable coverage of Red Dead Redemption.

The email was posted to McCasker’s Facebook account, it read:
This is the biggest game we’ve done since GTA IV, and is already receiving Game of the Year 2010 nominations from specialists all around the world.

Can you please ensure Toby’s article reflects this – he needs to respect the huge achievement he’s writing about here.
McCasker said:
“I did not sign up to become a journalist to write advertorials masquerading as editorial. This ‘cash for comment’ culture that is fast becoming the status quo within print media bothers me a lot.”
Zoo has refuted the notion that McCasker was fired for refusing to adhere to at Rockstar’s request, rather he was let go for posting a private email from Rockstar.

It’s quite obvious that Rockstar will be giving Zoo flak for this and Zoo certainly won’t be happy with McCasker if he has lost the mag a potentially large amount of advertising revenue.

We’ll keep our speculations to ourselves though.

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