Thursday, 8 April 2010

28 Year Old Asteroids Record Beaten

For 28 years the world record stood at 41,336,440 on Asteroids and was set by 15 year old Scott Safran. This score, a generation later, has apparently been beaten by a John McAllister. This victory is a testament to the successor’s endurance as he obtained his supposed beating score of 41,338,740 by playing for an incredible 58 hours, non-stop.

Somehow he managed to eat, drink and frequent the bathroom whilst doing the gaming marathon until he finally toppled the almost three decades long record, the oldest held record in gaming history.

The record still has to be confirmed by the official record keepers in the gaming world, Twin Galaxies, the world’s premier gaming record book holder and referee.

They will check to make sure the machine hasn’t been modified but until, perhaps best to assume the original record remains intact.

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