Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Xbox 360 Most Used For Online Gaming

According to data from the NDP group the Xbox 360 is the most heavily used platform for online gaming. Yes, it even beats the PC for hours spent online.

Data was collected from 18,872 players who own at least one online gaming device and those who owned Xbox 360’s had an accumulative average of 7.3 hours of online gaming per week.

Average online play on the PC and PS3 trailed a little with only 6.6 hours and 5.8 hours per week respectively.

The PC of course still remains the most widely used platform for online gaming, and rather incontestably so as 85% of online players prefer the platform for online gaming.

The data also revealed that online gaming time had increased 10% since 2009. You all thinking Modern Warfare 2? Analyst Anita Frazier commented:
"The installed base of video game systems continues to grow, the platforms available to play games continue to expand and the options for content acquisition have never been greater, especially online.

"And yet, effective monetisation of many forms of online gaming continues to be a topic of much debate and discussion within the industry."

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