Monday, 1 March 2010

Valve Could Return To The PS3 Eventually

The Orange Box has been the only attempt from Valve up to now to port games to the PS3, an experience that put them off from developing more games for the system due to the critics the game aroused contrasted with the high praises for the Xbox 360 version got. Gabe Newell himself criticized some time ago the complex architecture of the PS3 which made PC ports much more complicated.

There is some hope for some future though, according to some comments in a recent interview with Valve’s Chet Faliszek who raised hopes for PS3 gamers:
“We thought that the Orange Box didn’t put our best foot forward with the PS3 community. We don’t want to do something like that again on the PS3. We want to give PS3 owners the best possible experience.”

“Some of that will come from us learning and getting better. Before we can go onto the PS3 again, we want to make sure we’re better at developing for it.”
The PS3 version was outsourced by EA while the PC and Xbox 360 versions were done internally by Valve.

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