Thursday, 25 March 2010

UK Games Sector Welcomes Tax Breaks

The surprising news came in yesterday’s budget report where Alistair Darling has pledged to provide tax relief for the games industry akin to that of the (domestic) movie industry.

Tiga chief executive Richard Wilson said the tax break would allow the UK to compete on a global stage:
"This is an inspired decision. Games tax relief is good for the UK video games industry, good for UK consumers and good for the UK economy."
He has predicted that the move will allow £457m to be invested in new games and would also help create 3,500 more jobs over the next five years.

Jason Kingsley, creative director of Rebellion Studios (Aliens v Predator) said that the decision will ensure the UK maintains it’s commendable industry:
"We have a history of great engineers, inventors, programmers and games designers. It is brilliant to see the government recognise the importance of the games industry."
Currently the UK gaming sector only employs around 9,000 people and although it doesn’t have a massive output, what it does produce is incredibly successful. The sector contributed £1bn to the UK economy in 2009 according to Tiga.

It’s about time that the UK government recognised the growing prospects of the games industry; Rupert Clark, an analyst from consulting firm Deloitte, has stated that the global games industry actually makes more money than the box office:
"This move recognises the economic and cultural contribution made by the games industry which is set to be the driving force of media in the 21st century."

"The UK has an international reputation for creating some of the very best games. Talented UK games professionals are at the heart of the global industry and are key to the financial success of many internationally renowned games companies both in the UK and abroad."

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