Tuesday, 30 March 2010

UFC Title To Release Every Year

VP of games developer THQ, Danny Bilson, has said recently that they intend to release a UFC game every year if possible:
"When I got here a couple of years ago like all the other companies we were over extended; too many studios, too much product, the market was changing. So we downsized tremendously - all of that's public - and we honed it down to eight or ten studios. "

"Right out of the gate as we get all of this contraction the UFC game launched and it was the biggest launch in THQ history - exactly what we needed at the time we needed it."

"UFC is an awesome game we release every year, it kicks ass, it's like our Madden."
Should be good but yet again another sports-based franchise with yearly updates. As long as the updates are significant to tell them apart from each other it’s all good.

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