Tuesday, 2 March 2010

TIGA Say UK Games Development Is At A Disadvantage

A recent interview with Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA who represents the videogame industry in the UK), has come out with some interesting comments regarding the denied tax break to the UK games industry:
“The Governments of our principal competitors in Australia, Canada, China, France, South Korea, Singapore and the USA all receive national or regional/state tax breaks for games production or other significant financial support. No tax breaks for games production exist in the UK. Consequently, video games development in the UK is at a competitive disadvantage. Investment is flowing away from the UK with global publishers reorienting their investment away from the UK. Many UK based developers are being actively wooed by overseas companies and government agencies to relocate to jurisdictions with more favourable tax regimes.”
The UK games industry has fallen from its 3rd world position in the sector in 2006, to the 5th in 2009. Wilson said that if the Tax Break doesn’t come through the sector will come down further. Talking positively, he said that support and consciousness of the importance of the videogame sector in the economy is growing within the Parliament.

He commented on the competitiveness and the professionalism of the UK games sector, mentioning this month’s best selling title Alien Vs. Predator by Rebellion.

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