Monday, 1 March 2010

Sundberg: "Publishers Should Cancel More Games"

Avalanche Studios CEO Christofer Sundberg has said publishers should have more balls to cancel games which are clearly not gonna be any good, and reference Avatar: The Game as an example:
“I still believe publishers should cancel more projects in case the developers fail to deliver quality, before the investments become too high."

“A better due diligence process for developers is needed, as is a higher demand for quality, along with a courage to invest more money in fewer projects, rather than spreading the budget over many ‘OK’ projects."

“Avatar is a great example of a game that should never have come out, regardless of how much money it made. I don’t know if it was profitable or not, but games like that give license-based games a bad reputation, and that reputation is already at an all-time low, and you’re shooting yourself in the foot”.

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