Monday, 8 March 2010

Suda 51 Compliments Musician Akira Yamaoka

Goichi Suda has complimented Akira Yamaoka in an interview where he discussed many things including the staff that work at Grasshopper Manufacture and the new members that have been added to their ranks:
"Yamaoka will give us more leadership and creativity. He has the skills to lead our team to a certain level and make us a more powerful developer. The people I look for at Grasshopper are the types who have a strong passion, whether they have lots of experience or little.”
Anyone who has played a Silent Hill game since the original’s release will have heard Yamaoka’s music in the soundtracks of said franchise’s instalments (right up until the recently released Silent Hill: Shattered Memories just released this Friday.) It is nice to see that Suda 51 is right behind his new employee and it will be exciting to see where they go with their ideas in any future games that are released by Grasshopper Manufacture. Read the full interview here.

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