Monday, 1 March 2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction Delays Were A Good Thing

Ubisoft’s Patrick Redding has commented on the advantages given by the delay of Splinter Cell: Conviction saying it helped the development team work on fixes and add things from its 'laundry list':
“In some ways it [the delay] was the best possible scenario for us because we were angling towards our original release date in February. You know, as is always the case, you develop this kind of laundry list and think: ‘Aw man if only we had an extra bit of polish time to really go after that and that and that, plus all the usual debugging, that’d be wonderful’."

“So I mean a lot of it has been fixing issues with the AI, adding different challenge levels, giving the player the right level of difficulty at first."

“I mean, you know, that’s a delicate path because you push back too far and the player’s like: ‘Ah man you guys are cheating me, I’m invincible’ and other times they end up looking dumb. That for us was a really delicate part of the process because of course you have a mix of scripted events in the game, obviously regarding the story, but then also a huge amount of the AI is really emergent."

“It’s ultra-systemic you know – they’re going on patrols, they’re trying to flank the player, they’re using all of the various tools that we’ve given the player like the LKP as a way of determining where the player is."

That’s a really delicate complex and potentially fragile system to try to tune and balance so we’ve been really putting a lot of time into that”.
It'll release eventually on April 13th in the US and April 16th in the UK for Xbox 360 and PC.

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