Monday, 15 March 2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-op Will Have A Story

Patrick Redding, the man behind Far Cry 2's story, has revealed that he is now in charge of ensuring Splinter the co-op mode on Splinter Cell: Conviction is "multiplayer with a story".

Speaking to OXM, Redding informed them that Ubisoft wanted Splinter Cell: Conviction's various co-op modes to enjoy a solid story.
"They wanted to have a multiplayer with a story and they knew that wasn't going to be conventional."

"Using all the same tools they're using in Conviction and seamlessly weaving narrative into it meant that it was really going to be heavily about the characters and what their relationship is like. "

"It turned out to be an interesting fit for me - so they brought me in and I've been with the project ever since. It's about as different from Far Cry 2 as you can get, in the sense that the story is authored."

"I think that the critical lesson that we were able to apply was that - especially with the co-op gameplay - you want the players to feel as though they are playing that story and that they are experiencing the implications of that story at a fairly low level for the mechanics of the game."

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