Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sony Rejected Natal-Like Technology

Senior researcher at Sony Computer Entertainment America Dr. Richard Marks has revealed the firm did look into Natal-like motion sensor technology but didn't believe it offered enough of a new experience, and wasn't reliable enough. Marks commented on why Sony went with the wand based motion control:
"We tried a lot of different 3D cameras. I love the 3D camera technology; personally, I like the technology part of it."

"We worked closely with our game teams at what it would enable, and it enabled making the things we already did with EyeToy more robust, but it didn't really enable as many new experiences as what we were hoping it would enable, so it made the things we were already able to do a little bit more robust - which is good - but it adds a lot of cost and it didn't enable some of the other experiences we wanted to achieve."

"Sometimes a tech demo doesn't translate into a product very well, for example, [in the tech demo] we were tracking those coloured balls, but since there's no light in the ball or anything like that, the lighting in the room has to be good enough for the camera to see the colour reliably and that makes for a difficult product when you don't have a control over those variables."

"And with the 3D camera it's a little bit similar that we found that there were some things we wanted to be able to do and sometimes it wouldn't work reliably for what we wanted to do."
Hmm, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata also revealed the company turned down Natal-like tech too. Will Microsoft prove 'em wrong? We'll find out soon.

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