Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Report Claims PS3 Is Still Overpriced

Hardly a new revelation but a recent report by the PR agency 10 Yetis has shown that the PS3 is the most sought after 2nd-hand console right now with their conclusions being that the retail price point of the machine means it is overpriced as a console.

Admittedly, when the PS3 first went to market the asking price was quite high even for devotees of the brand. However, prices for the machines different size models and the range of software available mean that the PS3 is more in line with what the general public would consider a reasonable cost for a brand new console. Plus you get a Blu-ray player thrown in for free so weighing that up against independently buying a console and a Blu-ray player should be considered here.

Hopefully as time goes by and the PS3 comes down in price these sorts of comments will disappear and people will just get the machine that has the games they want to play.

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