Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Random House Publishing Group Will Enter The Games Industry

In the last few years, some of the most important titles in videogames have been coming out with novels expanding the game universe. UK publisher Random House, has announced that it will be participating in the videogame industry by writing novels on existing games as well as writing scripts in collaboration with developers for games.

Their first deal is with developer Stardock, currently developing Elemental: War of Magic, and besides working on the game story content, they will also publish a novel based on the game’s world titled Elemental: Destiny’s Embers. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell commented on the deal:
"A good story doesn't necessarily have to begin and end with a game; it can and should encompass as many creative mediums as possible in order to provide fans with the most complete rendering of a fictional place or time."
Random House is currently working to close up more deals, so we can expect to see more of these collaborations in the future.

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