Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quantic Dream: "We're Not Working On A Videogame Anymore"

In an interview last week, Heavy Rain’s creator David Cage, head of Quantic Dream studios, commented on his intentions to get his games to be more emotional and involving. The “interactive movie” game has redefined user expectation of games, as it cannot be tied up to any convention (apart from being a spiritual successor to Fahrenheit):
“I often said during the development that we were not working on a video game anymore. Most video games are based on mechanics, repetitive patterns usually based on violence or some kind of physical action that the player repeats through different levels. There are some established paradigms, like having enemies, puzzles, increasing difficulty, game over situations that everybody respects without always daring to challenge them and wonder if there is no other option.”
He also pushed the industry to create new experiences and to innovate in their ways to tell stories. Cage himself has devoted to new game mechanics since he formed Quantic Dreams. Nomad Soul: Omikron, Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain are part of videogame history.

With this last one he has finally been able to impact the whole industry with his vision… will we see imitators coming?

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