Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Quantic Dream Believe Game Developers Should Take More Risks

The director behind the recently released Heavy Rain, David Cage, has said that he believes the success of their recently released PS3 title shows that publishers should takes more risks rather than playing with the safe bet:
"I always said that the success or failure of Heavy Rain would send a strong message to the game industry: if the game faced disappointing reviews and sales, it would mean that gamers are not interested in exploring different ways of interacting based on emotions and targeting an adult audience."

"As Heavy Rain is very positively received, I believe it clearly states that gamers are eager to play different types of games and that publishers should dare to take more risks and give more importance to creativity. I strongly believe that interactivity has the potential to become an art, it is just a matter of time."

"The commercial success of the game shows one thing: gamers are not who we thought they are. They are older, eager for something new, ready for more sophistication than what most games have to offer."

"The limits come from ourselves, game creators and publishers, but the market is now ready to see video games evolve to a more mature and meaningful media."
Although Cage makes several valid points the ever grey area of ‘games as art’ appears once again and shall forever be debated as long as games exist (hopefully forever). I always think that if games can involve and entertain you first, then work the additional details thereafter is a good basis for making good games but what do I know? I just play and report on these things after all.

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