Tuesday, 23 March 2010

PS3 Is 3 Years Old In Europe And Oceania Territories

Three years ago, Sony finally finished the release worldwide of the PS3. It was released in Japan and the US in November 2006 and on March 23rd 2007 it finally finished its much anticipated release. Though the system was highly anticipated by users, its steep price (600 Euros) made most users turn to the much more economic Xbox 360.

The PS3 has had a hard time convincing players, but it is finally paying off with the latest price reduction and the slim model release… not to mention the exclusive titles Sony has been able to recollect in the last months…

The introduction of high quality graphics, the online connectivity (for free) and it the PSP connectivity were some of its highlights back then.

If Sony continues releasing titles of the quality we’ve been seeing lately, the console wars will heat up even more.

Source: electronictheatre

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