Wednesday, 17 March 2010

PlayStation Move Isn't Intended To Replace Existing Controllers

Sony America's Jack Tretton has stressed that the PlayStation Move peripheral is not designed to replace existing controllers, but rather provide consumers with a new choice:
“We have a 15-year heritage in this business which in some industries that is a short time, but in the game industry, it is a lifetime."

“PlayStation has come to stand for accuracy, cutting edge technology, and we certainly give Nintendo all the credit in the world for what they have accomplished with motion gaming, but we really feel we ushered that in with the original EyeToy."

“So what we feel we have progressed to is the next generation of motion gaming experience where using the controller and the camera, we’re able to get the most immersive, most realistic, motion gaming experience gamers have ever seen."

“The key though for the consumer is choice. We don’t want to force motion gaming down their throat, so for the shooter fan, it’s gonna be ‘well, I like motion gaming but I prefer my DualShock’, so that’s going to be be there for them. The thing about this motion gaming is that it’s an add-on, and enhancement, and an extension of what already exists, not a replacement."

“We have 36 developers on board for this, the who’s-who of the development community and just from our worldwide studios alone, you’re going to see twenty games this fiscal year and it’s going to span the casual and hardcore”.

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