Monday, 8 March 2010 Reveals UK iPad Price?

Despite Apple keeping the UK’s iPad prices secret for now, it hasn’t stopped, the popular online store, from listing iPad prices. The company has been spotted on Google Products as listing the iPad for £499 (16GB) and a staggering £699 for the 64GB version. Can we get an ‘ouch!’ anyone?

There has been no clarification on whether these are official prices yet or simply estimates from the retailer but has had a comfortable relationship with Apple and done a great deal of business with its other products.

It looks likely that the UK and US will be getting the 3G version simultaneously; the press release giving indications that both countries will receive them at the end of April.

Whatever the prices and up being, be wary when buying initial Apple releases; they like to bring out many a new model. Might be worth holding on to your huge wad of cash for a few months.

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