Monday, 15 March 2010

Open GL 4.0 Features Revealed At GDC

Open GL 4.0 was presented at GDC last to compete with DirectX 11. In the presentation the designers stated:
"OpenGL 4.0 exposes the same level of capability of GPUs as DirectX 11."
The new graphic library will be compatible with Open CL, which uses the GPU for other programs to liberate the CPU charge, as well as optimizing the time lapse. The list of new features is:
  • Two new shader stages that enable the GPU to offload geometry tessellation from the CPU
  • Per-sample fragment shaders and programmable fragment shader input positions for increased rendering quality and anti-aliasing flexibility
  • Drawing of data generated by OpenGL, or external APIs such as OpenCL, without CPU intervention
  • Shader subroutines for significantly increased programming flexibility
  • Separation of texture state and texture data through the addition of a new object type called sampler objects
  • 64-bit double precision floating point shader operations and inputs/outputs for increased rendering accuracy and quality
  • Performance improvements, including instanced geometry shaders, instanced arrays, and a new timer query.
For PC players this means more quality and competition!

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